Announcing the Open Toolchain Hackathon 2023

Published on Jan 23, 2023 by Julian on Hackathon

Announcing the Open Toolchain Hackathon 2023

Here at the Open Toolchain Foundation we are really excited to announce our first community hackathon! The hackathon will be a mixed hardware & software hackathon on the 6th and 7th of March 2023 in Hamburg, Germany.

The goal of the Open Toolchain Foundation is to support the open source software toolchain for engineering. Usability of this toolchain is paramount for its success. During the hackathon we will be working on the (open source) hardware design of the Nimble mesh network project using only tools in the open source software ecosystem. We will document our hardware design journey, both the successes and the pain points.

Alongside the hardware hacking we want to have software developers from projects within the open toolchain. These developers will be able to observe how users use these projects, provide guidance, and even to hack together new features during the event for better interoperability.

This event is about collaboration. Collaboration on hardware design; collaboration between users of the open toolchain and its developers; and collaboration between different projects within the toolchain. We are confident that these collaborations will grow and flourish after the event to form strong partnerships.

The event will be in person. We even have travel and accommodation budget available to help participants attend the event. The venue will be kept open on the 6th so we can hack-on as late into the night as we want to. We are not actively offering this as a hybrid event, but as every project is open you can still follow along from home via the Open Toolchain forum, our matrix channels, and via project issues and merge request. Some groups might open up video portals on site too. Due to current technology constraints we cannot provide coffee and pizza to those following along at home. An Open Toolchain might offer more opportunities in the future.

Please register your interest in the hackathon using this online form by the »5th Feb.2023«.

Application Form

Any further questions about the hackathon can be asked on the Open Toolchain forum. Whether or not you are able to attend please feel free to join the forum and introduce yourself.

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